Apart from the usual items that you shop for regularly, there are many other items which you may not use on a daily basis but would be of great use during emergencies or even for simple tasks.

Push Pins will come in handy if you need to pin your reminders on the boards or to have that daily menu put up on the kitchen wall.
Candles are an absolute necessity during a power failure, unless you have a generator at home. Make sure you stack them at a place that is convenient to access in the dark. Also keep it along with a lighter or a box of matches.

Scissors don’t have a designated item to cut as they can be used for various tasks. The task can be small but the necessity large. For instance, if you realize you are walking out of the house for that first date in your new dress with the tag still on, that is when a pair of scissors comes in as a blessing in disguise. 

A Clock is still a necessity despite the smart phone that we carry around. Just like the need to wear a wrist watch a house needs a clock. Make sure you have a watch winder in Sydney too as it would be of need for your watches.

A Sewing Kit is of more importance than a watch winder if you were to compare, hence have one in your house. You need not be an expert in sewing or you may even not know to sew at all but it can be an absolute necessity at times. If you are looking for a beautiful box for your watch, read this article for info.

A Measuring Tape is another essential especially if you are one of those online shopaholics as you would need to measure yourself before placing the order.

A Flashlight is also of use during power outages so keep one or two in the house with some fresh batteries next to your bed or in the kitchen

A Duct Tape can sometimes repair practically anything in your house, from a leak in the tub, to holding your hair dryer or mobile charger in place. If you have kids in the house there is going to be a lot of broken things, hence get yourself a duct tape to fix things up.

An Extension Cord is of use if you use a lot of electrical appliances, so have a few stored.
Toothpicks are needed not just to pick your teeth but can be used for cleaning small spaces in the kitchen or even in your mobile.
Do not underestimate the importance of the above items as they can save your day in the most unexpected ways.