Your boss has got an urgent overseas assignment to attend to. So he asks you if you can sort out his paper work for him prior to his leaving. Your boss has also got some important work to attend to and cannot handle the present work load. So you start attending to the paper work while your boss leaves the office to attend to other urgent matters. While sorting out the paper work you get an urgent call from your boss. He tells you that he has to buy some new clothing to take on his trip overseas and asks you if you can suggest a place from where he can buy his clothes.

Reputed store

Your boss also tells you that he needs to buy some mens leather jackets in Australia to take as gifts for his friends overseas. You now have a problem because you have no idea about gents clothing. So you quickly call up a friend of yours who is familiar with this type of clothing and asks her for some advice. Your friend tells you that even though there are many shops that sell gents clothing you should go to a reputed shop to make sure you get a good quality product.

Colours and sizes

You ask your friend to accompany you to the clothes store and help you to choose the clothing. When you get to the store you are amazed at the variety of gents clothing available for sale. You ask the salesman to show you the latest designs of mens leather jackets. The salesman shows you a variety of colours and sizes and tells you that the clothing can be exchanged if the size doesn’t fit. He also tells you that they have a tailor who is available 24 hours of the day and that your boss can even get his clothing adjusted under short notice and if necessary.

Special discount

On further inspection you find out that this reputed clothes store also has accessories to match the gents clothing and that some of these items are on special discount. You check your boss’s list and realise that he wants ties, socks, shirts and cuff links all of which are on discount at the moment. The salesman tells you that their store only handles the designer wear clothing and you won’t have to worry about low quality products. Your friend also decides to buy some gents items for her brother as she too is impressed with the products available. The salesman also tells you that the store has a special facility where if you want a particular type of designer product and it is not available at the shop they will order it for you.