If you work from home then you know that despite having a separate office room or home office, items from your everyday life tend to creep in. before you know it your home office contains old homework assignments, magazines and takeout leaflets. If you are desperate to de-clutter your space then here are some tips…

Start sorting

Paper work is often the first thing to start piling up – be it work related, household bills or invites to weddings this season. Start by piling up all the papers on your desk, shelves and chairs. Then sit yourself down and start sorting them. In addition to separating work related correspondence from utility bills, sort items by their importance or priority as well – for instance, an overdue paper bill should top your list while a conference invitation, while important will be less immediate especially if your deadline to respond is weeks away. You may also want to have some folders ready so that you can file your papers as you go which will make putting them away easier.

Get rid of unnecessary items

While you are sorting through all your old paper work you are sure to come across things you do not wish to keep. Whether they are old magazines or newspapers, or even old envelopes that have been ripped open, you have to get rid of them. Paper shredders NZ often come in handy at this stage. 

You should definitely go in search of paper shredders especially if you have letters that you no longer need – you may not want anyone reading them! Whatever items you cannot shred – such as old damaged box files, empty print cartridges should all be disposed of correctly. One safe option is to bag it all up and drop it off at the nearest recycling plant. If you are doing this make sure to separate plastics from paper which will make it easier to recycle.

Re-arrange your space

Now that you have sorted through and filed away all your papers you need to put them all away. Store files in a filing cabinet or have an allocated shelf or storage cupboard for all your paper work. Keep an in and out tray on your desk for daily mail – it’ll help you stay on top of it all. Put up a large wall calendar and mark all important dates and deadlines – including when you need to order new office supplies. Allocate a specific place for every item and make a habit of keeping things in their place. Also, start enforcing a rule that no household clutter can make its way past your door. If you have young kids place a mailbox for them at the rooms entrance where they can post you anything they like to. It’ll help collect invites and returned homework without cluttering up your desk.