Halloween is an extremely enjoyable time for kids and adults alike. However, like all traditional holidays Halloween too has become a commercialized event with stores charging hundreds of dollars for professional Halloween costumes that have in essence, lost the special touch that Halloween costumes of by gone days had. While dressing up in costume is very exciting and a lot of fun, it is not worth spending hundreds of dollars on costumes for your entire family. Instead opt for a family tradition of getting together to make your own costumes for Halloween.
Things you will need
To assemble your do it yourself pirate costume, you will need an old white tee shirt, an old dark coloured shirt, a pair old big mens pants, black and white fabric paint, a large gypsy earring, a piece of red cloth and some hard card board. In addition to these, you can also use any old blingy accessories you may have lying around.
A pirate costume is a very easy costume to pull off even with minimal accessories to work with. For an adult pirate costume, you will need an old white tee shirt that you are throwing away. It does not have to be pure white; it can be dirty, old and stained. The more stained it is, the more authentic your costume will look. Cut off the hems on the bottom of the tee shirt and the sleeve hems roughly adding holes around where the hems were to give the tee shirt a ripped and used look. Then, paint blue strips across the tee shirt on both sides. For your bottom choose dark coloured big mens pants. Paint vertical stripes on the pants to make them look more authentic.
Next, take an old shirt or another darker colour tee shirt and cut out a vest from it. Again, it doesn’t have to look perfect, the rougher it is the better. Leave your vest opened in the front but add some long pieces of material to them that resemble laces. If you would like to do so, you may add on some make shift pockets using the same material and draw on some skulls on the pockets using black fabric paint. Make yourself a hat using a hard cardboard and paint it black adding a white drawn on skull on it for effect. You can find many pirate hat templates online to make this step easier. Alternatively, you may simply tie a piece of old cloth around your head to resemble a headband. Additionally, you can cut up a piece of red fabric into the shape of a square and tie it around your neck to resemble a bandana. Add a clingy hoop earring and an eye patch to your outfit and your pirate costume is complete.