Definitely we cannot judge a person by his or her outer appearance. In fact we cannot judge people at all. Yet not only what we say and how we behave, but also the way we dress says a lot about ourselves to a stranger more than we think it does. Our dress codes have to differ depending on the occasion. We cannot dress for a wedding the same way we do for an interview. Gone are the days when men wore suits and women wore dresses for each and every occasion. There are so many types of clothes that are available nowadays and you must choose wisely if you want to make the right impression. There are dressing etiquette that is established in different cultures and societies and there is certain commonly accepted dressing etiquette as well. So here are a few guidelines you can use to look good no matter the occasion.


Funerals are occasions where you need to dress modestly, yet you must dress in way that shows respect to the deceased. Formal attire would be more suitable. In Western countries black, grey or dark colors are worn to symbolize mourning whereas in Eastern countries mostly white is worn to show sorrow and mourning.

Interview or public speaking

This is an occasion that you need to dress conservatively yet try to look your best and give a stunning first impression. Best attire for a lady will be a formal knee-length tight skirt or pants with a blue, white or any light colored top or a coat. High heels or wedge shoes are appropriate. Blue or white shirt with a tie that is contrasting or matching are suitable for gentlemen. Belt has to match with the shoes and dark colored pants will be most appropriate. On the other hand, find a perfect online shop of wedge shoes.

First date

This is one of the most important occasions as this could be the time where first impression matters the most. Boys can go for an open collared shirt with a jacket to go with it. Dressing too casually can consider being impolite or disrespectful. Girls can go for a casual dress. If you prefer wearing pants, simple denim with a nice top would be fine but not t-shirts. Ladies can wear Sheriton shoes or sandals as foot wear or if you like to look adventurous sneakers would be nice.


Here is an occasion when you can look your very best. You really don’t need to be worried about being over dressed as everyone will be well-dressed at a wedding. Be it your friend’s, relative’s or colleague’s wedding you could wear your best outfit. A sari with a well-designed jacket would be ideal for a lady. Even a long dress with high heels of a contrasting color would be a good choice. Men can go for a tux.