Order Rosales compromises of huge variety of plants. Order Rosales compromises of 9 families under which there are 260 genera and 7700 species. It has a large variety of plants, fruits and seeds which has a large nutritional, medicinal and industrial uses. Among the nine families in the Rosales order, Cannabaceae family is the new area of research. The genus Cannabis belonging to the Cannabaceae family has several uses that people are more researching and saving the plant from getting extinct. Mainly with the new alarming rates of pollution, atmospheric and environmental degradation, radiation, UV ray effects and several other causes, many small as well as large organisms are in fear of extinction (endangered species) and are already lost (extinct). Therefore these plants are rigorously researched about and saved by which they can be preserved and used by the later generations. Moreover, the plants under this family are making money and as well as making new miracles.

Marijuana is one the famous drugs which causes altered states of consciousness. It was banned because of the unimagined high and varied cognition it gave. It was legally banned in almost all countries in world. But in recent researches, a medicinal side of marijuana was discovered which is seen to help several incurable diseases. Scientist could not pick the element which is responsible for this surprising cure because it has several unidentifiable chemical compositions which might be considered as the element for cure. Hemp seeds in Australia are another revolutionary product from this family.

Cannabis biomass is mostly composed of these seeds which is proven to be a good source of making energy because it is environmental friendly and it do not let out any kind of by-products which will harm environment in any way. Moreover, hemp seeds are an effective source of protein diet. The protein powder made from these seeds is composed of 21 amino acids among which 9 of them are essential amino acids. The body cannot prepare essential amino acids like they can prepare other forms of mineral, nutrients and other energy supplying molecules.

Though it is believed that only Cannabis and Humulus are the two useful genera in the Cannabaceae family which holds an industrial value, it is a lie. Several Celtis species are grown for its timber or as an ornamental plant. For example, the Cannabis Africana from South Africa, C. sinensis from East Asia and C. australis is grown for their beauty. It is bears plenty of flowers and sweet fruits which will invite several insects and birds to garden, which will make it look like a paradise. Moreover this plant is frost and drought resistant which will make it easier to grow in gardens. There are several other useful plants in this family.

Uses Of Various Plants From The Order –Rosales