Vaporizer or electronic cigarette has taken the world of smoking over within years. These handy gadgets were introduced nearly a decade ago and now they are dominating all the markets with their amazing features and advantages. A vape is simply a device that gives you the pleasure of smoking without burning tobacco. These devices are powered by a lithium ion battery and these batteries are also rechargeable. These e-cigs do not contain carbon monoxide but they have different levels of nicotine to give you the real fresh taste of regular cigarettes. Owning one of these devices will not ensure an enjoyable feeling if you don’t know how to use it properly. This guide will give you some important tips that can help you get the best out of your electronic cigarette.

Clearomizer and Atomizer

Clearomizer is the component in between atomizer and your cigarette liquid. And atomizer is responsible for atomizing or vaporizing your liquid and provide you with a flavored vapor. These two components play a huge role in e cigarettes and it is users’ responsibility to keep these two clean. First you should remove your clearomizer from the rechargeable battery and then take mouthpiece and atomizer apart. After that you should wash it with hot water and let it dry. You can also use ultrasonic drying machines to do this.vaporizer australia


Frankly, this is the most important part in your electronic cigarette. All the vapor goes through this and it is very easy for dirt and other foreign materials to get deposited inside this mouthpiece. That is why keeping it clean and clear is very important. Cleaning this component is fairly easy. All you have to do is dismantle the mouthpiece from your e-cig and then blow through it. Also you can wash it with warm water to clean it properly.

Keeping it safe

These devices are capable of providing a phenomenal feeling but they are not indestructible. Your e-cig can get damaged easily or it can get lost. Keeping your electronic cigarette is your responsibility and the best way to keep it safe is by using a lanyard or a case. If you are buying a high end vaporizer such as volcano vaporizer you can find hundreds of different cases and lanyards for them. They are stylish and most importantly, they will keep your precious device safe.

If you are a regular or a heavy smoker, it is time that you should switch to electronic cigarettes . It is very cost efficient, reusable and also, they are very stylish.