If you are using a down comforter, you might be wondering how to clean it. In the case of products made of feathers or down, it is best to opt for infrequent cleaning. There are natural oils in the downs of birds. That breaks down when you wash it. The loft of the down is also destroyed when the comforter is washed. For these reasons it is best not to clean or wash a down comforter. If you wash it frequently, you will find that the comforter’s lifespan becomes limited. Manufacturers will ask you to limit cleaning the down comforter every three or five years.

Investing in a comforter cover
When you opt for a down comforter you need to invest in a comforter cover that is easily removed and washed. That will help to preserve the comforter’s shape and characteristics and ensure that it remains clean at the same time. When you are buying comforter sets queen Australia you need to opt for covers as well. The covers are made as per the dimensions of the comforter, allowing the comforter to fit in exactly. What’s more, the cover adds in another insulating layer as it helps to trap air in between the comforter and your body, giving more warmth during the cold winter months.

Two types of covers
When you use a down comforter or opt for the throw rugs online Australia you need to opt for two layers of covers as well. The first layer of cover is a tight cover that is made in the perfect size of the comforter and comes with a zipper. The second cover which is the outermost cover is a decorative cover. These covers can be washed frequently and are usually made of synthetic or cotton material which are washed and cleaned easily and do not shrink or bundle up after cleaning.

Airing the comforter
You could opt to air the comforter during the warmer months. When winter is about to set in but the days are sunny and warm, take the comforter out of the covers and hang it out in the air. As the comforter is aired and hung out, the sunlight exposure helps to remove any buildup of mildew or spores.

Professional cleaning services
The method of dry cleaning is usually recommended when it comes to comforters. It is best that you take the comforter to a laundry service where they will dry clean the outer material and in a way that the down do not get subjected to harsh chemicals or do not get deflated. Usually the comforter is dried on low heat and hung out to dry in order to maintain the quality of the downs and not to reduce the effectiveness of the comforter.