When you have decide to host a party it is important that you look into the kind of theme you wish to have. Choose a great idea that will get people excited. The Hip-hop culture is a huge scene. Almost everyone is aware of such a culture. Whether you are absorbed in it or not one way or the other, it has started to influence most individuals. Such a theme would make for a great idea and get all the invitees excited enough to play long and dress accordingly. Start by planning out the different aspects to have a successful one.

Dress code for people

Have everyone sport at least one piece of clothing that will support the theme. There are many options to choose from. Many pants, large tee shirts and chunky jewellery and jackets. Look for alternative womens jackets and you will be able to find great ideas. Have an award for the best dressed person, it is sure to make everyone what to bring their A game.

Food and drinks to go with the theme

Although the hip-hop culture may encourage wild parties and alcoholic drinks, it’s best to your party safe and friendly. You could use an alcohol pourer to pour mock tails and other beverages. This will make it fun and exciting without the liquor. Have lots of mini burgers, chicken wings and soda. You could also have a cake in the shape of a Mic to add to the celebration.

Decoration and music

There is a great list of hip-hop classics that you can choose from. From old school artists to the latest rappers. Hire a disc jockey who will be able to plan a playlist for you and impress your guests. Decorate the venue with old CD’s and records. Put up lots of colourful flash lights and provide an area for people to show off their dance moves.

Have a guest appearance

Maybe you can afford to have a big celebrity come into grace your party, or you could simply have an up and coming talent in your own neighbourhood maybe punk clothing online, to put on a small performance. This will surely add a great vibe to the atmosphere and get everyone ready to start relaxing and enjoy.

Invite the guests in style

Send out invitations the unique way. Print out personalised cards in a mix of colours and shaped like boom boxes. Having the theme flow through all the aspects of the party, will build up the whole vibe and create a professional look overall. Bring all the different aspects of the party to blend together.