We are born into a world with labels. Many individuals who are in this world are under the impression that a human being can be no more, or no less than the pre-defined label that the society pastes on them. Such immature ways of falsely assuring oneself that everything will be of order seriously destroys the potential that many have to utilize their abilities to the fullest capabilities. It brings forward a depressed generation that knows nothing but to live a fake life with fake emotions. That is not the way that the world should be. Even if the world is that way, that is not the way that you should be. You should do what you’re good at, defy social norms if it comes to it because you should live your life and not just exist.

Various people have various definitions of living their lives. To some, it is travelling, meeting new people and having new experiences. To some it could be the quiet company of 420 science with many thoughts to ponder upon, and to some, it could be a combination of both. People are different, and so are their definitions and goals about life. Therefore, when one is in the thought of living one’s life, one should first discover what they love doing. However, no matter how interesting it may seem to you or no matter how thrilling it is, it could not be recommended to lead unhealthy behavior and in activities that would bother those who care about you and then branding it as living your life. That will not be living your life, which will be destroying your life, and the lives of those who care about you. To gain more ideas about this 420 science you can see this page for the details.

However, individuals with such misguided sense of living one’s life are rare. For most, living the life means being happy while having everything that one wants in life. People often try to measure happiness in financial terms and that’s where they get things wrong. Happiness and life can never be measured in monetary terms. Buying a set of smoking pipes and quietly enjoying the starry sky with your friends would bring in more happiness than any amount of money could, and that would be living your life, whereas many individuals who run behind money barely get any time to even have the slightest idea of how good life can be if one just gives in and enjoys it.

Living your life can be done at your own pace. There is no deadline to it and you literally have all of your life to do it. Therefore, when it’s done, it should be done in a way that you can look back and be happy about someday.