The topic of medical marijuana has become quite controversial and there is a divide between those who endorse and oppose regular drug use. Despite some negative effects, marijuana does have beneficial effects on health which has resulted in the legalising of medical marijuana in many states of America and some other countries. There are short term and long term effects of marijuana use as documented by health officials for glass smoking pipe. In this article, we will be focusing on the positive and negative effects of long-term smoking.

Beneficial effects

Influx of antioxidants

THC and CBD which are two active chemicals in marijuana have some medical applications. They are considered powerful antioxidants. Once you smoke up weed from a glass smoking pipe which is the standard method of consumption, these antioxidants will enter the body and will go on to reduce environmental damage in the body cells. This damage is usually caused by inhaling the harmful chemicals in car exhausts or heavy duty cleaners and ingesting food that contain residual pesticides.

Lowering the average BMI

BMI or Body Mass Index considers your weight and height to measure body fat. A higher BMI will signal a higher risk for diseases. Marijuana will make you feel hungry but at the same time it quickly breaks down the food that you consume. Your metabolism is increased. So even though you are compelled to eat more, the body uses up the food that you eat more effectively leading to a lower BMI.

Reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes

Since marijuana helps in preventing weight gain, your body is able to regulate its metabolism better. It has been found out that people who use weed have lower fasting insulin levels.

Harmful effects

Build-up of tar

Tar build-up is caused due to inhalation of smoke from plant material. It will be difficult for you to see in natural circumstances, but there are a lot of minute burnt plant particles in the smoke from dried herbs. These particles will accumulate over time and cause a resin. You can see this resin as the dark substance coating the inside of your smokeless pipe. There are methods of reversing this effect.

Lowering of REM sleep

Those who use weed enjoy a lot of deep sleep but they don’t get a lot of REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. This is where our body is nearest to its wakeful state. It is also the time when you dream.

Risk for adolescent minds

Adolescent minds are still in their developing stage. So a young brain will need a balanced diet, exercise and support from friends and family. There is speculation whether frequent marijuana use hinders the development of young brains. There may be a higher risk in mental disorders. Therefore, it is important that marijuana use among youth be regulated in a safe way.