Today, there are many pubs, clubs and restaurants that sell beverages of various kinds. As a fact, there are increased alcohol related crimes and health issues. Due to the increased rates of these events, manufacturers have developed devices. These gadgets are used to detect the amount of alcohol a person has consumed. These have become very useful in various situations such as law enforcement officials, schools, residents, etc. Consumers, who wish to purchase it, have doubts and certain questions regarding the device. Here are some of the questions that individuals frequently inquire about these gadgets:

1.    Is it important for you to have it?

With increased use of alcohol among students, children, employees, etc. these devices have become a common carried and installed in homes and commercial buildings. It surely is important, to detect and avoid hazardous incidents in the future.

2.    Are there various types of breathalyzers?

There are different types that have been manufactured such as:
–    Personal breathalyzer
–    Commercial
–    Wall mounted
–    Interlock (install inside automobiles)

3.    What are the differences between personal and commercial breathalyzers?

There are a number of differences between the two types, which are:
–    Commercial devices are costlier than personal type
–    Corporate gadget is highly accurate than individual utilization
–    More maintenance and calibration is involved with the company device compared to the other
–    Unlike personal breathalyzers, the commercial kind presents more consistent and precise readings up to the thousandth decimal.

4.    How do you operate it?

You should wait for about 15 minutes after consuming the substance. This is to ensure that there isn’t any residue of the alcohol in the individual’s mouth. It’s a very simple process, where they have to blow in when the alcohol breathalyzer shows start. Followed by the instruction to stop. The sensor activates and measures the rate of the blood alcohol content.

5.    Are the results accurate?

For precise results, manufacturers recommend buying the professional devices. Furthermore, different devices use varying sensor technologies. Which in turn affects the accuracy of the results.

6.    What are the factors that affect the blood alcohol level?

There are certain factors that affect the rate of the result that the device shows. For example these include age, medication, emotional state, food, diseases, strength of the alcohol and many more.

7.    Should I re-calibrate it and how often should calibrate it?

The answer is yes you should calibrate it. With continues use the accuracy of the reader will change. Therefore, you should and how often you should calibrate it depends on the device and brand you use.

With the aforementioned questions answered, you might have other inquiries regarding it. There are many company websites that provide other details that you wish to clarify. Skim through the many webpages and contact professionals online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Breathalyzer