We all have that phase when the temperatures start going up after months of freezing winter; we get excited about going off on a planting binge. Some of us may have gone through the process before and would know what exactly to do, but for those who are on their wits end trying to figure out how to start here are some tips on figuring out which tools to buy at the local store. 


There are several different types of shovels available at the stores. They differ from the blade shape and size, handle size and purpose it is used for. Usually the round pointed shovel is used for any digging to be done quickly and easily. The can scoop dirt, cut through roots and dig up dirt. The garden spade is the same shape but is smaller so a person who is of smaller statute can use it easily. D handle shovels are a lot smaller and are used for work to be up close and personal to the plant or dirt. Square point shovels are the ones with the flat end and are useful for digging up dirt with the edge being straight and to dig ditches in to earth. You can level patio and walkways using these too.

Transplanting spade

This long narrow headed spade is great for digging deep holes with a small circumference. This type is mainly used for dealing with perennials and shrubs without cutting off the roots of the plant being moved and plants on the sides.

Scoop shovel

Used mainly for moving light material like fertilizer, manure and sawdust this small spade cannot hold heavy or wet materials though.

Garden Hoe

These are the best tools to have when you need to weed and do general grooming of your garden and flower, vegetable or herb beds. You can buy these hand tools online or down at your local store for cheap. Usually garden hoes come in different sizes of widths so you can decide which fits most comfortably to you.


There are several different types of rakes available in the real or virtual market when going for hand tools online or real life shopping. There are bow headed rakes, lawn rakes and leveling rakes. The bow headed rake is the traditional type of rake we are used to seeing. The leveling rake is also called landscaper’s rake and is similar to the bow rake in shape but the head is wider and straighter down. Looking for the right suppliers visit this link https://www.bstgroup.com.au/abrasives.html for details.

The teeth of the landscaper’s rake are rounded as not to disturb seedbeds and landscaped areas. The lawn rake is the one with the most variety of size and design from all the rakes and can be made from materials like bamboo, metal or plastic. They come in fan or rectangular shapes.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying any sort of gardening tools is to find one that fits in your hand perfectly and had a good handle for you to grip even with sweaty hands.

Gardening Tool Selection For Dummies: Planting, Weeding And Grooming