It may seem like just yesterday when you were holding your precious bundle of joy for the first time and just like that, one year has flown by. A year that was filled with a thousand precious memories, many first time experiences and of course, many first time experiences for you. For most parents, the thought of their baby growing up can be a very sad one, and yet the fact that you survived that first year of parenthood with all its ups and downs calls for a celebration. It is important for you to remember that as much as you are having this party to celebrate your little angel, she does not really understand what is happening and therefore, this party is going to be mostly about you. This is completely fine because you deserve a party and a lot more after the very difficult yet amazing year that you have just lived.

Keep the cost low

As your baby will not fully understand what is going on, it is unnecessary for you to spend a lot of money on this birthday party. You can choose to keep the cost low by having the party in your own house and making all her party invites yourself. By doing this, you will not only save money but you will also have a lot of fun planning the party. Choose to be as creative as you like by adding pictures, notes and other little memories to the invitation.

Decorations for the party

You can make some simple and pretty decorations for the party yourself by looking online for ideas. Make sure that the decorations you make match the 1st birthday invitations to add a sort of theme to your party. You can also have a colour theme for the party in which all the invitations, decorations and even the cake can be. You can even have your baby’s outfit for her birthday be in the same colour as the party theme.

Cake and snacks

It is the dream of most mothers to be able to make their children’s birthday cakes. If you are a good baker, consider making a cute cake for your baby’s birthday yourself. It may not be the prettiest and neatest cake but the fact that you made it will make all the difference. You can also choose to make all the snacks for the birthday party yourself or with the help of some friends or relatives. Choose to have small, easy to eat finger food that everyone will enjoy and love.