In the old days the only reason why man needed clothes was to hide or cover their private parts. Fashion was no way a topic of concern and there was no vast variety in fashion around the world. Nevertheless nowadays with the effect of the globalization it has changed into another level. People in the today’s world are very sensitive to the upcoming clothing trends and they always keep in touch with the upcoming fashion through internet and other modern communication methods.

Revolution in clothes

As discussed earlier during early centuries wore clothes only to hide their private parts and they did not have an intention to differentiate themselves from others through their clothes. But now fashion designers have to change their styles more often to attract new customers since the market is very volatile and customers seek for new styles and fashions every day. Perspective of the wearing has changed and there are many purposes which people seek to achieve through clothes. For an instance sportsmen need specialized clothes, celebrities might need specialized clothes, and special professionals like firemen need specialized clothes. Consequently developing and designing specialized garments to meet their requirements.

Revolution of related fields

With the development of the fashion there are so many changes and development which are related to the fashion and clothes. In the earlier days women used to wear gowns and they used to carry different types of umbrella to suit their dress and sometimes they used to wear hats and gloves which matched their outfit. In modern days besides clothes many ancillary fields have emerged. Tattoos, tragus jewellery in Australia are seen to have become a trend and such have become very famous among youngsters.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of the revolution of the fashion world is also an important subject to reflect on. With the advancement in the technology people got the chance to update themselves with the latest fashions. Nowadays the clothing styles are much more revealing and sometimes the so called purpose of clothing was ‘to hide private parts of your body’ is also being ignored by these latest fashions. Sometimes inappropriate fashions can attract bad publicity and pose a risk to your self-image as well. Fashion must be used to in a way which you can become confident. We still have fashion icons like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama who are gathering a lot of respect through the decent fashion and styles they follow. It is always acceptable to try out something new like David Beckham’s new hair style which got famous around the world but you should also be mindful about the picture you create of your own self when you choose the fashion.