Textile industry is an industry that had been functional in the society for an extremely long time. This is because clothing had been one of the basic human needs for over millennia now. This need for clothing had created additional requirements and had paved way into the fashion industry today. Today, clothing is not just a method to cover our bodies; it serves so many more purposes ranging from entertainment to self-satisfaction. If one is to have an understanding about the textile industry, it should be understood that it is a vast industry with a wide variety of products. But most of these products can be categorized into a few basic categories.

These categories could be named by the original raw material they are obtained from. These could be from plants, animals, and mineral or could be an artificial material such as synthetic fiber. Plant fibers can be obtained by plant products and are used in the process of making textiles such as cotton. Very famous products such as linen towels are a product of plant textiles. Animal textiles contribute to fur coats and silk products, Mineral textiles may take the form of textiles such as glass fiber and synthetic material are used in making products like polyester and spandex. All these categories could be divided into many subcategories according to the nature and the abilities of the textile.

Variations of these textiles had privileged us with so many textiles that would meet our specific needs. They have also provided us a chance of choosing the option that is most comfortable for our situations. As an example, linen pajamas could be chosen as an option who is seeking comfort in a normal climate and for individuals who is living in a cold climate or facing winter, fur might be the best option to have fashionable clothing in the season. There are new trends are coming that makes use of the same textiles and offers a completely different set of uses. This is what makes the textile industry so fascinating.

Textile industry is an ever evolving industry that will continue to serve the needs of the society by identifying the latest needs and the requirements. The utilization of the textiles and how they are adapted into the modern market is a wonderful process. The fact that all this process is being undergone for the sake of the comfort of the users is also a factor to think about. The customizability of fashion cannot be met in any other industry. Textiles types might be limited but it is very evident that their uses are widespread.