As people, we are naturally curious creatures and are almost always on the lookout for something that we can try. When it comes to activities anyone can try out, there are a hundred different ones! From trying to enter your local football team to taking up a dance class, there are so many options available for both children and adults. After all it is not just young children who want a bit of extra fun in their lives! When you choose an activity to it must be something that can get you excited and can also contribute something good to your life as well! You would not want to engage in an activity that does not do anything for yourself! For anyone looking for such an activity, hula hooping is one of the best choices! It is very popular in the world right now and there are so many reasons to try out this as well. All you need is a simple hula hoop and someone to teach you how to hula! So here are some reasons to engage in hula hooping.

Works core muscles

If you are someone who is looking for an activity that is both fun yet manages to act as a work out on your body as well, hula hoop is the perfect choice for you. When you learn hula hoop you manage to exercise or work out around thirty core muscles in your body. These are in your glutes, thighs and even your lower back and abs as well. It will manage to transform your body in the best way possible while also letting you have a lot of fun.

Activates joints

Sometimes when we are working out in the gym or at home, certain workout routines we do would not work on our muscles and joint like a hula hoop workout would! So if you are looking for that added kick for your body’s muscles and want to relax and activate the joints in your body the right way, hula hooping is what you must do. This happens when you do the push and pull motion of moving a hula hoop and thus activates the joints to take on nutrients to your spinal cord. It is not as painful as gym workouts which is an added bonus. Check this link to find out more details.

Builds aerobic capacity

It is said that just an hour of intense hula hooping is equal to a very long run! It burns just as much calories, if not more. In fact, it manages to increase the blood flow around your waist area and thus builds aerobic capacity.