It has become common for the youth to follow the trends in fashion and they can feel that it‘s crazy and fantastic to take the footsteps and to impress the people. Various such things come under the way nowadays. Especially the young generations can easily get attracted to many things that are directly or indirectly relating to fashion. The various things that can include in the list of the trends of fashion are: 

• Apparels and accessories

• Watches and fit bands

• Hobbies and Habits

• Mobiles and Gadgets

• Shoes

• Fast riding Bikes etc.

Many countries in the world are still under developing and below that level. People living in those countries try to follow the footsteps of the developed nations as they can feel that they are more civilized and cultured than them. The craze about these fashions has been starting since from the childhood. At that age, they are crazy about their branded toys and gadgets. After the certain age, the youth gets attracted to bongs, a style in smoking using the water pipes that can be useful in filtering the smoke to avoid the tobacco splits.

The young people are also showing interest in going pubs, nightclubs, and other entertainment programs. Particularly during the random events like New Year parties, birthday parties, and other celebrating events they prefer to have the alcohol and tobacco. They can enjoy the parties till late nights and reach their destinations. Governments are also benefiting from such parties and events as they can have the chance to earn real revenue from all these things. 

Sometimes people are afraid of the society and the traditional values as they are living in the community and in between the people. Various religions, customs, and traditions are available all over the world, and each can have the right to follow as per their wish. In some countries, the manufacturing of nicotine, drugs, and alcohol is more comparing to other nations. They do not have any rules and restrictions and because of these reasons people often visit such places and enjoy their life.

In the young generations, many wishes and desires roam in their minds, and they will try to fulfill their dreams at any cost. Smoking and having alcohol is not a big thing for them and they can feel it as a status symbol and the people as the fashion icons. They can use various types of cigars, glass smoking pipes and other available things to enjoy the habit of smoking. Although it is evident on the cigarette boxes that it is injurious to health, people who got habituated ignore all such things. Along with all other fashion trends and symbols, these habits are also becoming crazy in the youth.