There are e-cigarettes and vape mods for every budget and taste. A vaporizer gives you none of the toxic by-products of smoking and provides you with the desired quantity of nicotine. Besides, the functioning parameters are within your control. Therefore, as you learn how vaping goes, you can customize the experience to suit your liking.

What kind of kit to buy first?

Should you get one of those bulky tanks or just a simple and discreet pen-shaped device? The best vaporizer starter kit is always one that is small and easy to use. People prefer to make a smooth transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping, which is why they opt for slim and simple, tube- or pen-like vaporizer kits. Their tanks will hold about 2 ml of e-liquid. If you feel you need to make an upgrade, you can move on later to bigger tanks.

The atomizer: where things get confusing

This is the part that confuses most novice users. Kits may have clearomizers, rebuildable tank atomizers, cartomizers, hybrid atomizers and many other varieties. When you have little to no experience, it’s best to stay away of complicated rebuildable types. Simple atomizers and cartomizers are good for you; they tend to have a small capacity. However, a clearomizer will allow for more vape juice inside and expand the vaping time. As for clearomizers, these have a clear tank which lets you see exactly how much liquid is left. The downside with these parts is that these are usually expensive and happen to leak at times.

Understand battery capabilities

Most starter kits are equipped with a 600 mAh battery. If you’re an avid smoker, this may not last throughout the whole day. In that case, your best bet would be a 1000 mAh battery or bigger. If the kit allows it, you may also opt for two small batteries instead of a bigger, more powerful one. When its power is drained, you must have a compatible USB cable or charger to restore it. Therefore, the charging aspect must never be neglected. Never use chargers or cables that don’t belong to a vaping kit and especially to the brand you own. In addition, note that there are two types of devices: the ones that use a non-replaceable, rechargeable battery and the type using replaceable, high drain batteries. These can also be charged, but only when outside the kit.

If you are looking for starter kits, you don’t have to avoid box mods (the rectangular shaped, bigger tanks). Many big brands manufacture box mods suitable to new users. These are also made to perform at a higher power, even when the version is labeled as ‘mini’.