Boom Shankar guru pants is the Australian brand which has been selling the clothing articles successfully for decades. The name of the brand comes from the India which means the “blessing”. This name was inspired by the founder of the boom Shankar due to her time in the India and the role of Indian fabric and people in her success. The name truly proved to be blessing for her and she took the company to the heights of the success. 

The reason why boom Shankar became this much famous because the Australian got the chance to wear the Indian fabric but with the same design and styles that they usually have. The boom Shankar guru pants is one of the most famous articles of this brand since these are just a trouser which is loose and has Indian style but it is very much comfortable and at the same time it is very classy and modern. In the hot summer, it is the best choice. It is available in the brand and in the online store in multiple colors and design and women in Australia love this because they could pair it with nearly everything, whether a tank top, a shirt or any other style top, it goes well with everything.  

These guru pants are made from 100 percent cotton which make them perfect choice and what is more exciting about it that since these are loose therefore these look good in all shapes of body whether you are skinny or curvy, it will fit right in to you. Not only these are for the summer but there are guru pants which are for autumn and winters as well. All you got to do is get your guru pant, have a t shirt or top and pair it with sandals or flats and this is good to go. However, there are few things you must consider when you buy the guru pants so that these maintain their fabric quality for good period of time and do not fade. First is that you need to wash the pants with hand in the cold water. The bleach is a no go for the pants since it destroys the fabric and color and the warm water is also not very best for these boom Shankar clothing. It is good to cool iron these and these must be dry in shade. These should not be soaked in the water for long and must not be dry cleaned as well. For more information, please log on to